Aquí encontrarás algunos blogs y webs que me sirven de inspiración cada día. Aunque sigo a mucha gente interesante de todas partes del mundo, aquí he seleccionado a aquellos creadores que suelen publicar material fotográfico propio, ya sea de tipo personal (de su vivienda o estilo de vida), o profesional (interioristas, diseñadores, marcas de decoración o fotógrafos). ¡Espero que os gusten! ;)

// Here you´ll find some blogs and websites that inspire me every day. Although I follow many interesting people from all over the world, here I´ve selected those creators who usually publish their own photographic material, either personal (of their homes and lifestyle), or professional (interior designers, decoration brands or photographers). I hope you like them! ;)


ANNETESHUS | By Anette Pihlstrøm (Norway) . Nordic Style + Modern Rustic Interiors

APRIL AND MAY | By Jantine and Vivian (Amsterdam, Netherlands) . Interior & Photography Creative Studio

CATE ST HILL | By Cate St Hill (London, UK) . Nordic + Modern Interior Design

ELISABETH HEIER | By Elisabeth Heier (Oslo, Norway) . Minimal + Modern Interior Design

KJERSTISLYKKE | By Klem Kjersti (Norway) . Nordic + Boho + Rustic Style

KON MARI | By Marie Kondo (Japan) . Minimal Lifestyle. Tips + Organization

LIEBES BOTSCHAFT | By Joanna Goetz . Nordic + Industrial Style

MAREN BAXTER | By Maren Baxter . Nordic Style

MY WHITE OBSESSION | By Veronica Kletenska . Nordic Style

ONLY DECO LOVE | By Katerina Dima . Nordic + Minimal Style

STYLIZIMO | By Nina Holst . Nordic Style


ANNA KUBEL | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Sweden (Europe)

GILLIAN STEVEN | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Vancouver (Canada)

LINA OSTLING | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Sweden (Europe)

MARÍA MARCET | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Barcelona, Spain (Europe)

RIIKKA KANTINKOSKI | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Helsinki, Finland (Europe)

SILVIA BUJÁN | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Madrid, Spain (Europe)

PAULINA ARCKLIN | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe)

RENEÈ KEMPS | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe)

STUDIO WW | Interior & Lifestyle Photography. Rhenen, Netherlands (Europe)


DAR AMINA SHOP | Noretnic Style, Boho, Ceramic & Wooden Products

PLAART | Minimal handmade pottery and tableware.

THALASSA HOME | Turkish towels. Natural fabrics and Slow Life accesories with Aegean Style.

TINEK HOME | Natural Interiors, Fabrics and Furniture. Wooden & Bamboo Products.


MAKE LIFE EASIER | By Katarzyna Tusk | Fashion Outfits & Lifestyle Photography

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SINCERELY JULES | By Julie Sariñana | Fashion Outfits & Lifestyle Photography

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